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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Henry Threadgill, “To Undertake My Corners Open”, part 3

I’ve had a little more time now to study the structure of this piece. First, I’ll lay out the form as I see it: 0:00—0:13 (mm. 1—5): Intro figure 0:13—0:28 (mm. 6—9): Guitar & bass cycle 1 0:28—0:43 (mm. 10—15): Head 0:43—0:48 (mm. 16—17): Bridging material (based on m. 2) 0:48—3:31 (mm. 18—41, 42—65, 66—89): […]

Herb Healy Open House 2014-01-01

One of my favorite tournaments at the Boylston Chess Club is the annual Herb Healy Open House held every New Year’s Day. You get to socialize and play four relatively quick (G/40) games of chess, and there’s an unrated section if you stayed up too late the night before. This year I played in the […]

Henry Threadgill, “To Undertake My Corners Open”, part 2

Over a year ago I started transcribing Henry Threadgill’s “To Undertake My Corners Open”. I got to the 90% point a long time ago, but as with many projects, it’s the last 10% that takes the most calendar time. One thing that slowed me down is that Threadgill’s flute is super sharp, especially in the […]