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Monthly Archives: February 2009

R. Scott Bakker: The Judging Eye

Well, this is book 4 of at least 6 in a fantasy series, so it’s a bit silly for me to describe this one on its own to an audience that mostly hasn’t read any of them. Anyone who did get through to the end of the Prince of Nothing trilogy probably thought it was […]

St. Germain inventions

When I started getting into making cocktails at home, I naturally started out with the basics: gin, rye, vermouth, Angostura bitters, etc. I didn’t buy a new ingredient (like Campari or Chartreuse) until I knew there were a few classic cocktails I wanted to try that used it; I didn’t want to spend forty bucks […]

Emacs: dedicated windows

Here’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time and could never find the right docs for. When you perform some operation in Emacs, it often puts stuff (search results, some new buffer, etc.) in a window other than the current one. (I’m using window in the Emacs sense, to mean a […]

Dream #1

I am arrested for driving without a license. The policeman leads me to the bank of a muddy river and hands me a thick sheaf of paper. “This is a test to determine your moral character,” he says. I leaf through it; it’s just page after page of multiple-choice Planet of the Apes trivia questions. […]

Levitate Me

In which I take all the magic out of one of my favorite songs by analyzing it to death. “Levitate Me” is from the Pixies’ first record, the EP Come On Pilgrim, recorded and released in 1987. If you want to follow along I recommend this live performance. It’s by Black Francis so who knows […]

Flann O’Brien: The Third Policeman

One of my projects this year is to read a bunch of the books sitting on my bookshelves that I have heretofore ignored. I never buy a book I don’t intend to read, but often something else takes precedence and I never get around to reading it. Until this year, that is, I guess. I […]

Songbook: Bucket

I thought it would be fun to write about some of the songs I’ve written. (I should point out for those coming to this cold that I’m the principal songwriter for Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives). I’m going to start with songs from our latest record, Third Time’s the Charm. If you don’t have […]


I just finished watching Bruce Springsteen perform at the Super Bowl halftime show (and I’m not a big Springsteen fan, but that was a pretty great halftime show). Anyway, it got me thinking: Bruce Springsteen has sold millions and millions of records, and he has a ton of cred as an Important Artist and all, […]