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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Ultima Underworld bugs

While I’m reminiscing about the old days… As we (Blue Sky Productions, later Looking Glass Technologies / Studios) were developing Ultima Underworld in 1991-1992, largely in a basement room in an office building in Somerville’s Davis Square, we received bug reports both from our own people and the QA team at Origin Systems, who published […]

The dangers of self-modifying code

One of my coding stories recently showed up on reddit and spawned a giant thread. Having it brought up again reminded me of another fun bug from the early days, in this case 1991. I had just graduated from college and joined Blue Sky Productions, soon to be renamed Looking Glass Technologies, where we were […]

Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind

I feel like too many of my book posts lately have been of the form “Eh, didn’t really float my boat.” Well, in this case my watercraft was 100% buoyant. The Shadow of the Wind not only should have been my thing, it actually was my thing. I guess it was a big hit in […]

Zoran Živković: Seven Touches of Music

I have a list I keep in my head of things (books, musical artists, etc.) that I should love, based on the other things I like, but don’t do it for me. In some ways it’s more interesting than the opposite list, of things that you’d never think that you’d like but you love. The […]