Double pin

It’s not every day you get to make a move like this. From a 3-minute ICC game:


It was very pleasing to be able to play 25.Qxd6.


3 Responses to “Double pin”

  1. Chesstiger says:

    Wow, spectacular! I wonder how quick you saw that black cannot take the queen back?

    I guess that black can only stop the mating threat (Rxf8) with 25. … Ne7. But i guess then 26. Rd1 finishes the game, not?

  2. Wes Carroll says:

    I especially appreciate that you’ve posted a move that even we novices can appreciate readily.

    Your opponent must have had quite an interesting few seconds fully grasping the situation!

  3. Tristan Seligmann says:

    26.Rd1 doesn’t work because of 26…Nxd6, 25…Ne7 having removed the pin on the other knight. I think 26.Qd3 might be the best, as this should win the knight in a few moves.

    I must say, 25.Qxd6 is a very satisfying move, and probably better than 25.Qd5 which would win the knight right away (26.Rxe5, it can’t run since it’s pinned).

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