Consider the daily comic strip The Amazing Spiderman.

Any individual installment of this comic is a work of intense genius. The complete lack of context! The short sentences! And... everyone talks with exclamation points! I will claim, and history will defend me, that a single strip of Spiderman is more surreal than one of Zippy.

But yet, if one dares to partake of this fount of brilliance every day, the very core of Spiderman's greatness - the fact that any single strip is devoid of context - dissolves. Read Spiderman for a week, and it becomes just a REALLY STUPID STORY.

This is known as the "Spiderman Paradox."

I have become a nervous wreck every morning, as I read the comics and my gaze slowly approaches that dreaded strip. Have I waited long enough since my last visit for it to fill me with loopy joy? Or will my memory of the storyline prove too fresh, ruining not only today's experience, but also those for days to come?

Any advice along these lines would be sorely appreciated.

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