My best jokes
that no one else
thinks are funny

I like to think that I have a pretty good sense of humor. But every once in a while I think of something that is just laugh-out-loud hilarious, something that can keep me chuckling for a week it's so funny, and I tell it to everyone I know and they all pause for a few seconds and then say, "Well, I guess that's kinda funny. Or something." So here you go, the top two original jokes I've come up with that only I think are funny:
1. (Okay, so this one's dated.) You know the worst thing about the whole Milli Vanilli scandal? It turns out they were really wearing wigs.

2. Someday I will buy a billboard, and I will have written on the billboard, "Help! I'm trapped in a billboard factory!"

Ho ho ho, I kill myself. What? They're not that funny? Sigh.

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