The other
time I wore
a dress

Four of my friends live in the same house (well, two of them just moved) and throw a big Halloween party every year. It's a huge bash, with a costume contest, and people take their costumes very seriously.

Terri (one of the friends) dresses very distinctively, so in 1995, I decide to go dressed as her. I wear a vintage blue dress, black leggings, maroon Chuck Taylor hightops, and a red wig. Naturally, everyone but her immediately realizes who I am, and the costume is a big hit, mostly because everyone gets a big schadenfreudian kick out of Terri's mortification.

The costume is an especially big hit, it turns out, with the ladies. For some reason, women seem to go nuts over guys in dresses. Why is this? Anyway, one of these women (as Terri tells the story) is watching me dance, and says to Terri, "That's great. That guy is so comfortable with his sexuality!"

And Terri says, "Yeah, well, he seems to be comfortable with mine too."

P.S. I won second prize.

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