The frogs
who walk
behind me

When I walk, I am followed by frogs. When I turn a corner, they are still there. I can't shake them. Believe you me, I have tried.

Once I almost lost them by hiding in a telephone booth. But one frog in front got his leg stuck in the door when I closed it, and when I opened it a tiny bit to let him free his leg, they all jumped in. They can't handle rotary phones but the new push button ones are fine.

Sometimes the frogs sing a little song. The song goes like this:

We are the frogs,
The frogs who walk behind you.
Soup is good food.

It's not a very good song. They don't sing too great either. But they seem to enjoy it.

The frogs don't always follow me. They are most likely to appear between the hours of 2 and 3:30 in the afternoon. Sometimes there are more of them. Usually there are fewer.

The frogs don't really walk, like they say in the song. They hop, like you would expect. But "walk" is what they sing, anyway. I haven't called them on it.

It all started when I answered a personal ad. You know the type. I guess that was a bad idea. Still, what are you going to do? Stay in your house all day?

The frogs were behind me the day I met you. I know because you had a "this guy has some frogs behind him" kind of look on your face. Probably there were a lot of them.

There's a second verse, but I don't remember exactly how it goes.

One day the frogs disappeared just as suddenly as they had come. Actually, that's not true. They're still here. But once I read that writing something down can sometimes make it happen.

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