This is a collection of tools I've created to help play the strategy game Diplomacy via email.
dipstat is a Python program that shows the status of all your current games, producing lines such as
     foo/USEF: F1902M OW Thu 08/10 11:45 Italy (4/5): Austria Turkey
that show, for each game:

If the deadline has passed, the end of the grace period is printed instead, with asterisks as an alert.

For input, it requires one or more plaintext files containing all the messages you have received from the judge, in chronological order. (The files may have different games all mixed together.) Depending on your mail client, that may be trivial or a pain. For me it's trivial, ha ha!

Download v1.05

dip.el contains some Emacs-Lisp code to make it easier to send mail to the judges from Emacs. You can type 'M-x dip-mail foo', and it will start composing a message regarding game 'foo' to the appropriate judge with the correct signon and signoff commands already in place.

Download dip.el v1.0 is a replacement for the file of the same name used by mapit and Manus Hand's clone, dpmap. (To be honest, I haven't tried it with a vanilla mapit yet. Please let me know if there are any problems.)

My version has a bunch of changes that I think make the map easier to read. In approximately descending order of importance:

Maybe someday I'll put some samples up here so you don't have to download it and run mapit to try it out.


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Last updated 10 September 2000