It's Not As Bad As I'm Making It Sound is the first full-length CD of Honest Bob & the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives, featuring 15 of our finest "rock and roll" songs for your musical and lyrical delectation. Includes a 12 page booklet with complete lyrics, song notes, and photos. 48+ minutes of music that will make you laugh and cry, not necessarily in that order.

Honest Bob & the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives are pleased to use the services of CCNow to provide secure online purchasing. Pleased as punch.

It's Not As Bad As I'm Making It Sound is available for the low low price of $10 per copy plus $2 shipping. ORDER NOW!

If you would prefer to pay by check, send a check for $10 per copy plus $2 shipping, payable to Dan Schmidt, to:

Honest Bob
c/o Dan Schmidt
4 Frost St #1
Cambridge, MA 02140
Of course, our CD is also available at our shows. Bring a $20 bill and buy two!

full song list and lyrics
Purple Yesterday
My Dinner with Laurie
You Don't Love Me Yet
Everybody Knows
I Won't Find My Wife in This Bar
I'm Still Around
All of the Cool Girls
Organism Hear the MP3!
Make You Laugh
Another Person You Had Sex With
That's Okay
She's Gone Hear the MP3!
I Wish I Was Dead

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Last updated 30 June 2000