Spewer #5: Michael Moorcock

(See the previous discussion here for definitions and lists.)

How could I have forgotten Michael Moorcock in my list? As far as I can tell he fits every criterion.

All I’ve read is the first volume of the recent Elric rerelease, which unfortunately did not engage me at all, so I probably won’t be exploring much more (although I do have a copy of Gloriana lying around I picked up when I saw it remaindered). But his whole multiverse / Eternal Champion thing combined with seeing huge omnibuses of vaguely interrelated work definitely got my salivary glands going, before it turned out that I wasn’t that into the sample that I tried.


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  1. Daniel Koning says:

    Possible Spewer candidate, hitherto unmentioned: Mark E. Smith?

  2. dfan says:

    Good one, you are absolutely right! I have two Fall albums (Hex Enduction Hour and The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall) and like them, but was always a little intimidated from exploring them further. Now that we’re up to six, that makes this a real category and not just a collection of a couple of guys. Now I need some painters or classical composers or something. Domenico Scarlatti? Alan Hovhaness?

  3. Daniel Koning says:

    In terms of visual arts, Picasso seems to me to be the obvious choice — he made (Wikipedia tells me) 50,000 pieces over 82 years, the best of which are considered by acclamation to be some of the best ever, but a lot of which were pretty slapdash. He worked in a bunch of different styles, but you’ll never mistake a Picasso for someone else’s work. As for his best works being big messes, well…

    I’m not sure he quite fits the intuitiveness criterion. Of course Cubist portraits have the character of naïve art, but he was a masterful painter in traditional styles when he wanted to be. He did refuse to attend classes at the Real Academia de Madrid; I suspect that had little to do with the instruction cramping his intuitive style, though. Most likely, he had just already absorbed all the knowledge he needed to.

    All this and he could make girls turn the color of an avocado.

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